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Slides from our first meeting - 8/27/2012

Excel spreadsheet from our second meeing - 9/10/2012

Correlation example: Are coffee and mood associated? - 9/17/12

Example 2: Does number of stress events (in a week) predict days it takes to recover? 10/1/12

Slides from regression meeting - 10/1/2012

Slides for hypothesis testing - 10/18/2012

Slides for power and effect sizes - 10/22/2012

Slides for t-tests - 10/29/2012

Slides for one way ANOVA - 11/19/12

Excel spreadsheet for one way ANOVA - 11/19/12

Slides for two way ANOVA - 11/26/12

Excel spreadsheet for two way ANOVA - 11/26/12

Resources from past semesters:

Excel files for bivariate linear regression - 9/24/2010

Slides from regression part two - 10/1/2010

Student notes for power and effect sizes - 10/15/2010

Student notes for hypothesis testing - 10/22/2010

Student notes for t-tests - 11/19/2010


Heather Smith, Ph.D.
Stevenson 2089

PDF Versions:
Annotated Bibliography
Lab Reports
Grading rubric for lab report

In order to view and print the PDF versions you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader