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SSU Biology Graduate Program

Think you want to apply to be a graduate student in my lab?

What I’m looking for in a graduate student 

I am interested in working with creative, independent and highly motivated students who want to use their intellectual muscles to learn more about marine ecosystems, communities and organisms and contribute to our collective scientific knowledge. Applicants to my lab group should possess strong quantitative and writing skills. And a sense of humor is always welcome! Graduate students should be prepared to make the transition from being primarily a consumer of knowledge to being a creator of knowledge. I expect my graduate students to enjoy making the substantial investment of mental energy and sustained focus that are an inherent part of the research process. Defining a good question, reading and deciphering the scientific literature, being an observant naturalist, using and understanding quantitative techniques (including statistics), enjoying field work (even under inclement conditions), learning how the equipment you use works, being creative, expressing yourself well in writing, imagining the figures and tables your efforts will generate, juggling multiple tasks, managing your time effectively and efficiently, being persistent and playing well with others are all important aspects of being a successful graduate student and scientist. And last, but not least, your MS research should result in a peer-reviewed publication. If you think you fit the bill and this sounds like what you’re interested in please send me an inquiry!

Sending me an Inquiry

If you are intersted in applying to be a graduate student in my lab please send me an email with a resume or CV attached that describes: 1) your research interests, 2) how an MS degree will further your career goals, and 3) why you are interested in working with me.


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