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The SSU Experts Guide is an easy-to-use directory that lists the specialties of hundreds of Sonoma State University scholars, professionals and administrators.


The University Affairs Division created the Experts Guide as a resource for:

  • journalists seeking specialists to comment on issues
  • individuals and organizations looking for speakers
  • academics to identify opportunities for research collaboration

Members of the Sonoma State University community listed in the Experts Guide make themselves available to provide insight or information on subjects related to their academic interests and professional experiences. Please note, however, that comments or opinions by faculty and staff based on their expertise should not be misconstrued as the opinion of the University as a whole.

This listing contains information provided by its members. It is not all-inclusive and may not include every topic of interest.

If you are a member of the Sonoma State University community and would like to be added to the Experts Guide, see Create a Profile.

For additional information about Experts Guide, call Jean Wasp, Marketing & Media Relations Coordinator at (707) 664-2057.