Welcome to Theatre Arts & Dance Auditions 2014-2015

Continuing students, new students and students from across campus in all fields of study are encouraged to audition, as well as faculty and staff. Auditions are open to the general public and we welcome off-campus actors and community members to audition as well. Our main stage productions provide terrific opportunities to perform and collaborate with others, and to earn course credit.

FALL 2014 Season

The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek by Naomi Wallace – APRIL 16 & 17, 2014 AUDITIONS
The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde – AUGUST AUDITIONS
5th Annual Super Mega Molten Hot Lava New Play Festival
Fall Dance Concert – AUGUST AUDITIONS

SPRING 2015 Season

Heroines Jane Hammett – AUGUST AUDITIONS
The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov (ACTING & DANCE) – OCTOBER AUDITIONS

Directors for The Importance of Being Ernest, Heroines, and The Cherry Orchard will conduct general preliminary auditions separately on the afternoon and evenings of Thursday August 21 through Sunday August 24 in Person Theatre & Ives Hall.  You may audition for The Importance of Being Ernest and The Cherry Orchard at the same time, but must audition for Heroines separately.  Please note:  If you are cast in Trestle at Pope Lick Creek (Fall) or The Importance of Being Ernest (Fall), you will NOT be able to be considered for the cast of Heroines (Spring), due to scheduling conflicts.  If you are cast in Heroines (Spring), you will NOT be able to be considered for The Cherry Orchard (Spring), due to scheduling conflicts.


The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek
Wednesday, April 16, 7-10p, Ives 76               
Thursday April 17, 7-10p, Ives 76.                

Callbacks Dates
Friday April 18, 1-5p, Ives 76.  Scenes from the play will be provided at callbacks.


Thursday, August 21, 6-10:30p, Person Theatre             Heroines * Acting/Singing Auditions
Friday, August 22, 10a-4p, Person Theatre                      Ernest & Chekhov * Acting Auditions
Friday, August 22, 6-10:30p, Person Theatre                   Heroines * Acting/Singing Auditions
Saturday, August 23, 10a-7p, Ives Hall                              Ernest, Heroines & Chekhov
*  Initial Callbacks/Dance Auditions
Sunday, August 24, 10a-4p, Ives Hall                                Ernest, Heroines & Chekhov
* Initial Callbacks/Dance Auditions
Monday, August 25, 7-10p, PE1                                          Fall Dance Concert * Dance Auditions       


Monday, November 3, 6:30-10p, Ives 119 & Ives 80        Chekhov * (Acting & Dance) Auditions 
Tuesday, November 4, 6:30-10p, Ives 119 & Ives 80      Chekhov * (Acting & Dance) Callbacks


  1. Complete the Audition Questionnaire.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) or Adobe Acrobat Pro (most current version) required to complete the Audition Questionnaire.
    1. Right click and download the Audition Questionnaire to your desktop. Open the file with Adobe Acrobat. Do NOT attempt to open the Audition Questionnaire in your web browser.
    2. Complete the questionnaire. Print 5 copies and bring to the audition.
    If you have problems downloading, completing and/or printing the form using your own computer, please come to Ives 210 and use the stage manager’s office computer to complete and print your audition copies.
    If you have problems uploading your headshot to the form and are unable to drop by Ives 210, please complete the text portion of the questionnaire, print 5 copies then attach a printed copy of your head shot to each form and bring to the audition.
  2. Click the “We Join In” link below and select an available audition time slot:

  1. Read the scripts that interest you.  Scripts are available online at the THAR Audition Moodle.  Heroines scores and librettos can be viewed via Moodle or at the Theatre Arts Office (Ives 206) - check out not available
  2. Review all the information (audition format, rehearsals, performance dates) for each production, to ensure your schedule can accommodate all show commitments..


If you would prefer to be cast in The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek:
Please prepare a 2-3:00 minute monologue.

Please note: If you are cast in Trestle, you will NOT be able to be considered for the casts of Earnest & Heroines, due to scheduling conflicts.

If you would prefer to be cast in The Importance of Being Ernest:
Please prepare and memorize two monologues.  

    1. Dramatic piece
    2. A modern or contemporary humorous piece

If you would prefer to be cast in Heroines:
Please prepare and memorize one monologue & two songs

  1. Dramatic piece (monologue) = 90 seconds
  2. Please prepare two songs; contrasting styles/language = 3 minutes combined
  3. NOTE: Together, the monologue(s) and song(s) should not be more than 5 min!
  4. Be sure to bring legible SHEET MUSIC for pianist/accompanist!


There are two productions for dancers this coming year.  Fall Dance 2014, is the student-generated show, directed by Christine Cali and a Acting & Dance collaboration in The Cherry Orchard in the Spring 2015.


All cast members must register for these courses themselves, you will not be automatically enrolled.  Cast lists will be sent to the Theatre Arts & Dance office so cast members will be given a permission number for the correct course (THAR 301, 302, THAR 340, and MUSIC 340).

All students who are cast in The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek or The Importance of Being Ernest should register for THAR 302 for 3 units in the semester in which the show rehearses and performs.

Ensemble members for Fall Dance concert and The Cherry Orchard should register for THAR 301 for 3 units in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, respectively.

Since Heroines rehearses in the fall of 2014, and performs in the spring of 2015, cast members should register for 3 units in both semesters. In each of these semesters, Theatre Arts & Dance students in Heroines register for THAR 340 while Music majors and minors should register for MUSIC 340.

The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek

By Naomi Wallace / Directed by Ken Sonkin
October 16-25, 2014
Studio 76, Ives Hall


Dalton Chance, fifteen years old and an open book, once dreamed of going to college. Pace Creagan, seventeen, brimful of adventure, rebellious, fearless and feared. To Dalton, she's irresistible. To Pace, he's a challenge. They seek adventure and escape by racing trains, the sleek black symbol of power and progress that barrel through this small town during the 1930's. Naomi Wallace (One Flea Spare, Lawn Dogs) has written a strikingly poetic Depression-era play. Set in a small town blanketed with despair, the characters struggle to regain their momentum in the face of hard times. A dark, coming-of-age story, with an unsentimental and uncensored gaze into the lives of the working class, the play reaches into the depths of a nation and asks what lies beneath. “Erotic, gender-twisting… TRESTLE wraps its five characters in a metaphorical drama within a romantic and tragic mystery.” —Judith Egerton, Courier-Journal, Louisville

Winner of Most Original Work —22nd Humana Festival, Actors Theater of Louisville (2000)


Please prepare a 2-3:00 minute monologue.

Please note: If you are cast in Trestle, you will NOT be able to be considered for the casts of Earnest & Heroines, due to scheduling conflicts.

Audition Sign-up:


W April 16, 7-10p, Ives 76
TH April 17, 7-10p, Ives 76.

Callback Format

Readings from the script and improvisations. Please read the play in advance. Scripts available online at THAR Audition Moodle site.


F April 18, 1-5p, Ives 76.  Scenes from the play will be provided at callbacks.


First Rehearsal


Rehearsal Call Times

Monday through Thursdays from 6:30-10:30p, and Sundays from 3-7p (TBD).
Weekly schedule will be posted each Saturday for the following week.

Technical Rehearsals

Sa Oct 11 and Su Oct 12, 10:30a-10:30p

Dress Rehearsals

M Oct 13, T Oct 14, and W Oct 15, 6-10:30p


Week One: TH Oct 16, 7:30p (OPENING); F Oct 17, 7:30p; Sa Oct 18, 7:30p; Su Oct 19, 2p (MATINEE) – Post Show Discussion

Week Two:  W Oct 22, 7:30p  (Faculty/Staff night w/ pre-show discussion 6-7pm.); TH Oct 23, 7:30p; F Oct 24, 7:30p; Sa Oct 25, 7:30p (CLOSE & Strike)

Special Notes

Those who are cast in this production must be available for all rehearsal hours. No night classes. You must be available for all tech rehearsals and performances.

Available Roles

2 Women and 3 Men:  (All roles are open.)
PACE CREAGAN, a girl, seventeen years old
DALTON CHANCE, a boy fifteen years old
GIN CHANCE, DALTON’s mother, forty-one years old
DRAY CHANCE, DALTON’s father, a few years GIN’s senior
CHAS WEAVER, a jailer, Brett’s father, early fifties

Time:             1936
Place:            A town outside a city. Somewhere in the United States.
Note:             Accents of the characters should be as “neutral” as possible, an accent from “somewhere” in the U.S.  Characters touch each other only when indicated in the script.  Mature themes.