Judicial Affairs


The Office of Judicial Affairs investigates alleged violations of the CSU Student Code of Conduct as outlined by the Board of Trustee’s Executive Order 1098 for the California State University. As the primary source of information about student conduct and academic integrity we strive to ensure all parties fully understand the steps involved in the conduct processes.


Our mission is to ensure the fair administration of the student conduct process while supporting a safe and inclusive educational environment for all students. Through this process, our goal is to educate students about their rights and responsibilities as well as provide feedback about behaviors that affect both themselves and the campus community.

Our Values and Goals

  • Education and development of all students
  • Respect, dignity and equity
  • A socially just community
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Fairness, honesty, and integrity

The Office of Judicial Affairs is located on the second floor of International Hall.

Student Conduct Referral

If a member of the University community has witnessed a violation of the Standards of Student Conduct by an SSU student and believes that formal conduct proceedings are warranted, a complaint may be directed to the Office of Judicial Affairs by submitting a Student Conduct Referral form or by calling 707-664-2838.