Defensive Driving Training

If you drive a state vehichle for Sonoma State University, operate a caret on campus, or are approved to drive your personal or rental vehicle on official business for at least one day per month, or more, then you are required to take the CSU approved Defensive Driving Training course. This applies to all employees, student workers, and volunteers who drive on University business. The training is required every four (4) years. For more information concerning these guidelines please visit the CSU website for the Use of University & Private Vehicles Guidelines

As a proactive approach to managing risk, it is important that you complete this training as required by the State. You can now take this 2-hour traingin by following the direct link to the DGS website and the Defensive Driver Training (DDT) - Online page. Once you have completed the training, please print the Certificate of Completion and provide to your appropriate administrator, maintaining a copy for your records. Your appropriate Administrator is responsible for maintaining a file or record of those who completed this training.

For privately owned vehicle use, you must also complete Form 261, Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business (pdf). Please provide the original Form 261 to your appropriate administrator.

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