About Us

Watershed Academics To Enhance Regional Sustainability (WATERS) is a collaborative endeavor between Sonoma State University and Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) to undertake projects that enhance watershed management and academic training of students (see Purpose for additional details).

How Does It Work?

  • The Sonoma County Water Agency identifies local watershed management issues and provides funding for course supplies and administration.
  • Interested SSU Faculty explore how to incorporate Water Agency questions into their course curricula and student research projects. Many faculty across campus independently offer classes and conduct research on technology, restoration, ecology, hydrology, and policy of this important resource.
  • The SSU Preserves assists in academic-management communication, supports faculty and student projects, and distributes information about the projects and the WATERS Collaborative.

The WATERS Collaborative meets regularly (see Meetings) to develop and coordinate Projects.


Funding for the WATERS Collaborative Fiscal Year 2012-13 is provided by the Sonoma County Water Agency through a contract with Sonoma State University. The most recent approval document (SCWA Agenda Item Summary Report) was approved December 10, 2013 by the SCWA Board of Supervisors for 3 additional years of funding.

Contact Us

Dr. Claudia Luke
WATERS Coordinator / SSU Preserves Director
707-664-3416 (voice)
707-536-8915 (mobile)

Keenan Foster
Sonoma County Water Agency, Principal Environmental Specialist
707-547-1941 (voice)