Steve Norwick Memorial Research Fund

Dr. Steve Norwick loved inquiry and discovery. His life was devoted to engaging students in field endeavors in geology, philosophy, art and music, and he set hundreds of students on career paths in ecology, environmental sciences, urban planning and teaching. With donations from friends and family, the Steve Norwick Memorial Fund was established to continue to share Steve’s love of field investigation with generations of students.

The scholarship grants five $1,000 awards each year for faculty to mentor students working at the Fairfield Osborn Preserve. Funds are available for research conductedin all disciplines and have created experiences for students in hydrological sensors and network development (Farid Farahmand, Engineering Science), insect diversity and herbivory (Nathan Rank, Biology), amphibian and reptile abundance (Derek Girman, Biology), and tree ring analysis (Michelle Goman, Geography).

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