Follow the instructions below to input your semester availability or download the detailed PDF instructions here

To log your PLF availability for the semester:

1. Go to the Google Calendar home page

2. Sign In as:

3. Password: LCLC_plf20

4. Go to August 2014 – Click on the 18th

5. Click the CREATE button and enter your fall 2014 availability throughout the week beginning with Monday.

Enter your first name and the language you will be facilitating. Click on the Repeat button.
Enter the day that this time will recur. Make sure it ends by the last day of the semester. Click Done.
You should see yourself along with "Yolanda" and anyone else who has already signed up. Don’t worry about overlapping times. Just be sure to include ALL the times that you will be available.
Repeat this until you have entered all the times that you would be willing and able to hold lab sessions with your assigned students throughout the semester.
When you have finished and logged off, send an email to: with the notification that your PLF availability schedule is ready to be viewed.