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Sonoma State University Tour Guides


Kelly - SSU Student Coordinator & Tour Guide

Ryan Novak Hometown: Danville, CA
High School: Dougherty Valley
Major: History
Minor: Political Science
Activities: Alpha Delta Pi international sorority, Netflix, shopping, dance, and going on adventures.
Favorite place on campus: The Dorms
Favorite food: Fruit snacks (or anything gummy) Advice to freshmen:"YODCO - You Only Do College Once."

Max - SSU Tour Guide

Hometown: Roseville, CA
High School: Elk Grove High School
Major: Criminal Justice
Activities: Phi Delta Theta, having a staring contest with the sun.
Favorite place on campus: Butterfly garden
Favorite food: Hot cheetos
Advice to freshmen:"Go Greek!"

Beverley - SSU Tour Guide

Ryan Novak

Hometown: Richmond, CA
High School: Middle College High School
Major: Early Childhood Studies & Sociology
Activities: Stuided abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for 1 year, Associated Students/ Join us making Progress Youth porgrams coordinator.
Favorite place on campus: Rec Center
Favorite food: Sushi, Ribs, Pizza ... I eat everything
Advice to freshmen:"Don't be afraid to show the world what you can do. Be spontaneous and live your life just like a dream."

Ryan - SSU Tour Guide

Ryan Novak Hometown: Antioch, CA
High School: Antioch High School
Major: Pre-Business
Minor: Music
Activities: Guitar, Hiking, Kayaking, Eating
Favorite places on campus: Rec Center, Student Center
Favorite food: Chinese/Asian
Advice to freshmen:"Getting involved with clubs and Greek life is a perfect way to get involved with the school. Work hard, have fun, and make it count!"

Lucas - SSU Tour Guide

Ryan Novak Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA
High School: Santa Margarita Catholic High School
Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice
Minor: Psychology
Activities: Running, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Soccer, Counting stars, Neon bowling, Accounting.
Favorite place on campus: Anywhere with food.
Favorite food: Lasagna
Advice to freshmen: "Do your homework, go to bed at a reasonable time, and capture the American Dream."

Ashley - SSU Tour Guide

Hometown: Cameron Park, CA
High School: Ponderosa High School
Major: Liberal Studies
Activities: Gamma Phi Beta, Panda Express, running, playing with cats.
Favorite place on campus: ponds & Rec Center
Favorite food: tacos
Advice to freshmen:"Dont stress out too much and get involved."

Wilson Hall - SSU Tour Guide

Hometown: Oakland, CA
High School:Lafayette High School
Major: Criminal Justice
Activities: Working out
Favorite place on campus: Campus Rec Center
Favorite food: Chicken
Advice to freshmen:"Get out of your dorm and meet new people! Sometimes It's not what you know, but who you know."

Joselyne - SSU Group Tour Guide Coordinator

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
High School: Oakmont High School
Major: Biology
Activities: Studying, Eating, and Painting my nails.
Favorite place on campus: The Lakes
Favorite food: Anything spicy
Advice to freshmen:"Fear is normal. Stay focused but still have fun. College will be the best experience ever!"

Alma - SSU Group Tour Guide

Hometown: Roseville, CA
High School: Oakmont High School
Major: Kinesiology
Activities:Sleeping, Studying, Eating, Running, SSU's kinesiology club.
Favorite place on campus: The rec, Lobo's
Favorite food: Chipotle
Advice to freshmen:"Stay focused and enjoy the ride."

Amber - SSU Group Tour Guide

Hometown: Oroville, CA
High School: Oroville High School
Major: Women and gender studies
Activities: Phi Sigma Sigma, Netflix, road tripping, concerts, and smiling.
Favorite place on campus:GMC, Rec center
Favorite food: pizza, sushi, eggs, benedict
Advice to freshmen:"Come in with an open mind, have fun, and get involved."

Devin - SSU Group Tour Guide

Hometown: San Francisco
High School: George Washington H.S
Major: Buisness
Activities: Playing Sports
Favorite place on campus: E.O.P. office
Favorite food: Pork chops
Advice to freshmen:
"Get involved as much as you can, it will help you adjust."

Nick - SSU Group Tour Guide

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
High School: Los Osos High School
Major: Enviormental Studies
Activities: TKE, Hiking, Fishing, Playing Baseball
Favorite place on campus: The lakes
Favorite food: chinese food
Advice to freshmen:"Work hard, play hard."