Campus Clearance

Employees ending their employment at Sonoma State University are required to clear campus. The state of California allows for withholding the final paycheck if the campus clearance procedures are not followed.

Employee Services requires immediate notification when a salaried or benefit eligible staff employee is ending their employment at Sonoma State University.

Who must complete the Departing Employee Information Form

Process Instructions

  1. The Departing Employee Information Form (doc) must be completed by the Appropriate Administrator and departing employee.
    • Attach the written letter of resignation from departing employee.
    • Attach an absence report up to the employee's last day on campus (if applicable).
  2. Return form with attached documents to Employee Services within 24 hours of notice by the departing employee.
  3. Receipt of the form begins the campus clearance process. Employee Services will facilitate campus clearance processing for:
    • Salaried or benefit eligible staff employees
    • Annual Renewable staff employees
    • Temporary staff employees ending their appointment early
  4. Departments clear temporary employees ending their appointment as scheduled
  5. Employee Services or the department will clear the departing staff employee from all areas listed on the Campus Clearance Form (doc), with the exception of Customer Services and Payroll and Benefits, which must be cleared by the departing employee in person.
  6. The Campus Clearance Form should be given to the departing employee on their last day so that campus clearance may be completed in the Seawolf Service Center and Payroll and Benefits in person.

For further information or questions on the process, please call (707) 664-2166.