Applause Awards Recipients - 2011


Mo Llanes and Robin Marshall, Workstation Security and Services; Doug Schiller, General Services (formally Workstation Security and Services); Kate Sims, Modern Languages and Literature

Subsequent to a serious accident, I realized I would be unable to return to campus to teach a full load of courses this semester. However, I was game to teach one class using any available technology until I was able to return to my classroom on campus. Robin Marshall, Doug Schiller, Mo Llanes and Kate Sims worked together with my department chair, Christine Renaudin, to make the technology happen. As a consequence, students got the class they needed, and I could keep my mind active while my body mended. My profound thanks to you all! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, October 30, 2011

Andrew Simpkins, Assistant Athletic Trainer

The Men's Soccer team was flying back from Ponoma on October 24, 2011. On the flight back, the flight attendants requested the help of a doctor or first responder for a passenger that was having a medical emergency. Andrew responded and was the first volunteer to help out the passenger. We had the quickest decent to the Oakland airport, because of the medical emergency and when we arrived Andrew helped the passenger off the plane. — Nominated by Shawn Percell, Assistant Men's Soccer Coach, October 25, 2011

Mira Aceves, Chris Bramble, Lisa Revere, Kevin Ryan, Todd Wright, Network Security and Communication Services

The networking group are unsung heroes, in our perspective. Yet one more example over the past few weeks was their attention and support while performing campus upgrades to the DNS and DHCP systems, mitigating any interruptions to the Library's services - demonstrating their sensitivity to the needs of students and faculty. Huge appreciation! — Nominated by Barbara Butler, Library Dean and Paul Cotter, Library Technology Services, October 19, 2011

Pictured: Lisa Revere, Chris Bramble, Mira Aceves, Kevin Ryan

Henry Amaral, Terry Cheney, Kevin Dahlstedt, Anastacio Diaz, Steve Francisco, Bill Gardner, Vicki Irey, Dan Kizirian, Doug Bishop, Linda Respini, Facilities

The University Library recommends an Applause Award for the Facilities Team that so quickly created the new Faculty Center area on the first floor north of Schulz. A concerted effort was made by so many folks, with quick turn-arounds and tight schedules, that special acknowledgement of their professionalism, SeaWolf "can do" spirit and kind patience is in order. These folks include Vicki Irey, Henry Amaral, Anastacio Diaz, Dan Kizirian, Bill Gardner, Kevin Dahlstedt, Terry Cheney, Doug Bishop, Steve Francisco, and Linda Respini. It's wonderful people like these who help make SSU such an amazing and collegial environment. Thanks, everyone! — Nominated by Mike Kiraly, Director of Library Operations, September 16, 2011

Pictured: Anastacio Diaz, Steve Francisco, Doug Bishop, Vickie Irey, Terry Cheney, Henry Amaral, Linda Respini, Bill Gardner, Dan Kizirian, Kevin Dahlstedt

Ruth McDonnell, Jenifer Crist, Lynne Trainor, Mandy Bauman, Joy Sun, and Tami Connor, Contracts and Procurement

The Procurement staff receives many difficult contracts and PO requests from the Athletic department. As each new scenario is approached, discussed, reviewed and processed they always manage to obtain what we need to keep our ship sailing. We appreciate their efforts: following the state guidelines to get what we need. Thanks! — Nominated by Nancy Crosat, Athletics Business Operations Analyst, September 15, 2011

Pictured: Mandy Bauman, Jenifer Crist, Joy Sun, Lynne Trainor, Tami Connor, Ruth McDonnell

Michelle Van Fossen, Tania Crane, Raf Habtezion, Grace Herrera, Natalie Sanchez and Dusty Magallon, Accounts Payable

Amid the chaos a hiring freeze can create when you have multiple retirements and maternity leaves, the Accounts Payable staff has carried a ball that most would prefer to hand off. Our department generates much work for them and with that comes many questions and problems. During the past 6 months with all their staffing shortages, not once did they ever turn me away, and at every turn they did all they could to resolve the problems. They are a major campus group of unsung heroes. I appreciate all their hard work. — Nominated by Nancy Crosat, Athletics Business Operations Analyst, September 15, 2011

Pictured: Dusty Magallon, Tania Crane, Michelle Van Fossen, Raf Habtezion, Natalie Sanchez

Barbara Moore, IT Web Services

Barbara did a fantastic job helping move the Senate website to a more sleek and accessible format. She was extremely patient with all my questions and enthusiastic about my website redo. She pointed me to terrific resources and really made the transition smooth. I so appreciate her work!! — Nominated by Laurel Holmstrom, Office of the Provost, August 19, 2011

Paul Cotter and Linda Eichhorn, Library Administration; Doug Schiller, Workstation Security and Services; Jean Sugiyama and Mira Aceves, Network Security and Communication Services

The California State University was co-sponsor for a Moodle Moot Conference ( that took place recently in Rohnert Park. Over 325 people attended the conference, and on July 12, nearly 200 of them arrived at the SSU Schulz Information Center for preconference workshops. I coordinated the day, and could not have done it without the excellent support of a number of SSU staff members, all of whom deserve a big round of applause. Thanks go to Paul Cotter, Linda Eichhorn, Doug Schiller, Jean Sugiyama, and Mira Aceves.
— Nominated by Abbe Altman, Center for Distributed Learning, July 25, 2011

Alonso Gonzalez-Yanez, Landscaping

Alonso takes a lot of pride in the athletic grounds and the Soccer game field is in the best shape that it has ever been in.  He communicates well and plans his work around our activities on the field. — Nominated by Marcus Ziemer, Men's Soccer Coach, July 7, 2011

Nancy Crosat, Athletics

Nancy spends all day at her desk with a pile of papers to wade through.  Nearly everything that the coaches and administrators work on goes through her.  The more work that each of the coaches do in terms of fundraising, camps, etc., the more that Nancy's workload increases exponentially.  She is always cheerful and smiling, even when you can barely see her over the pile of papers. — Nominated by Marcus Ziemer, Men's Soccer Coach, July 7, 2011

Erin Rock, Athletics

Erin works very hard and is even when she is stressed and bombarded with work, she is still able to keep her sense of humor and smile.  She works non-stop all day on paperwork and answering phones and deserves a big raise. — Nominated by Marcus Ziemer, Men's Soccer Coach, July 7, 2011

Barbara Moore, Information Technology Web Services; Paul Cotter and Christine Hayes, Library Administration; Mo Llanes, Workstation Security and Services

The campus recently hosted an amazing event, the Mandala Sand Painting Exhibit. Tibetan monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery painstakingly created an incredible work of art. It was amazing and, wow, what a crowd it attracted!  I would like to thank the heck out of four fabulous individuals: Barbara Moore (IT), Paul Cotter (Library), Mo Llanes (IT) and Christine Hayes (Library).  Thanks to them, visitors from far and wide were able to watch the creation of the mandala via webcam. And we can relive the moment due to the awesome time-lapse video and slideshow:  They were helpful, efficient and everlastingly patient as they ironed out every last issue: networking, cabling, measuring, mounting, accommodating various last minute changes and etc... Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Y'all are pretty dang amazing! — Nominated by Julie Dinkins, Access Services Manager, April 27, 2011

Rosie Schramm, Workstation Security and Services

The transition to Microsoft Exchange was scary for those of us who rely on email - and as a techno-idiot, I was lost. Fortunately, Rosie came to my rescue. She was sincerely concerned with my problem and was more than obliging, working on my laptop into her lunch break to fit my unreasonable request. When something in the program didn't work and I had to return, Rosie never for a second implied that there was something wrong with *me*, and cheerfully moved to make the fix.  She has a truly customer-oriented attitude and is a fine representative of SSU. Thank you, Rosie! — Nominated by Adrian Praetzellis, Professor of Anthropology, March 30, 2011

Scott Lance, Workstation Security and Services

There were a few hang-ups with my computer migration for my new laptop in the faculty refresh program.  Scott cheerfully and competently solved all my problems and helped me understand my computer a little better.  I was a little stressed at first, but this did not faze Scott one bit.  Thanks for saving me! — Nominated by Elaine Newman, Professor of Mathematics, February 27, 2011

Dan Kizirian and Bill Gardner, Housekeeping

Have you seen Building 49 lately?  We have a sparkling new image thanks to Dan & Bill and the Facilities team that gave our building much-needed TLC and grooming in early January.  Their work was so thorough and detailed, from power washing our exterior walls to pruning back plant growth and repairing and cleaning the walkways and decks. What a beautiful transformation!  Our department staff and guests appreciate your work! — Nominated by Susan Wandling, Director Early Academic Outreach, February 1, 2011