Visual Resources Internship

ART 300

Students taking Art 300, Graded Assistance Project in the Visual Resources Collection, for one unit of credit, must fulfill 45 hours of work in the Collection during the semester, students taking two units will work 90 hours, and students taking 3 units will work 130 hours.  This includes a reading & writing assignment that counts for 6 of these hours.  You will be responsible for keeping track of your hours.

Reading Assignment

Benjamin, Walter "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction." (On reserve in the Visual Resources Collection).

Handout: General policy rules for use of the collection, notes on film and lighting for photographing artwork, procedures for editing with Photoshop, guidelines for digital imaging standards, definitions of image file types, a list of reference materials, subject terminology definitions for use in cataloguing images, an excerpt of the United States copyright law defining Fair Use of copyrighted materials for education, and an excerpt from the  Slide Buyer's Guide describing criteria for evaluating reproductions of works of art.

2-3 units: The above, plus

Tutorial on Controlled Vocabularies used in museums and libraries for cultural objects.

Written critique on reading assignment, due 2 weeks before the end of the semester.  I will give you questions to consider for the critique with the reading assignment.

There will be a short quiz on the handout materials midway through the semester.

An internship in the Visual Resources Collection will introduce you to the skills required for managing and developing an image collection and for documenting, organizing, and editing images for many other purposes.  You will learn to prepare images for online distribution and learn about image service projects. Activities include finding sources for images and descriptive information, creating artist identification files, and cataloguing and organizing digital images using established cataloguing systems and tools that make them easier to find.   You may help photograph original artwork in the art gallery and do copy stand photography.   You will learn how to scan and edit slides, work with a flatbed scanner, and download images from a digital camera to create digital images for web pages and classroom use.  You will learn about image subscription and internet sharing projects currently underway and available and current concerns about copyright laws.

You may select a project based on your interests and coursework, or you may work on image collection projects in progress.  If you choose a specific project you must present a plan for completing the project during the first 2 weeks of the semester. You will be responsible for keeping a log of your hours and the work you do in order to complete the unit(s).

 Your grade will be based on the quality of your work in the Visual Resources Collection, on completion of your hours, the quiz, and the short paper.  A grade of less than C- on the reading assignment or failure to complete your hours will lower your grade.