Excellence in Teaching Awards Comment Period Open

Tuesday, March 7, 2023, 4:45pm

TO: Campus Community
FR: Elizabeth Ducy, Chair, Teaching and Learning Subcommittee, Academic Senate

The following faculty have been nominated for the 2023-24 Academic Year Excellence in Teaching Awards:

Alexis Boutin
André Minor
Andy Wallace
Elisa Velasquez-Andradé
Jenny Bent
Marissa Mnich
Matty Mookerjee
Monica Lares
Shannon Lee

Students, faculty, staff, or the wider community may submit comments. The due date for signed comments is April 3, 2023. Please submit your comments via this survey. All public comments will be added to the nominees' dossiers.

These annual awards recognize and reward excellence in teaching at Sonoma State University. Each year the award honors at least one Sonoma State University faculty member who has made outstanding contributions to the education of Sonoma State students through classroom instruction and other activities that promote student learning. These awards provide students and faculty an opportunity to reflect on the importance of teaching at Sonoma State University and, in particular, the award recipients' contributions to students' intellectual and moral growth and development.

The selection committee shall choose those persons from among the current pool of nominees whom they deem to be exemplars of excellence in teaching because of their quality of instruction, their creation of an academic environment that successfully encourages high intellectual aspiration and achievement, their effectiveness in mentoring students, and their promotion of learning outside the classroom.

For more information, please visit the Excellence in Teaching Award website or contact Elizabeth Ducy, Chair of the Teaching and Learning Subcommittee of the Academic Senate, at ducy@sonoma.edu.