Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)

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*** International and Out of State Students***
Students can request testing accommodation in their state or country. Students use the same registration procedures. There will be an 'Out of State' option available to select. Once you finish the registration process, ETS will contact students to set up a testing venue to take the exams in the local area, if at all possible for an additional fee.

All new undergraduate students entering the California State University are required to take the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) except those who qualify for an exemption. If you are not exempt, you must take the ELM and provide scores to the university prior to beginning your 1st semester of. Failure to take the ELM prior to registering for your 1st semester will result in your not being allowed to enroll in Math courses at the CSU.

The ELM is designed to assess the skill levels of entering CSU students in the areas of mathematics typically covered in three years of rigorous college preparatory mathematics courses in high school. Those undergraduates who do not demonstrate college-level skills will be directed to courses or programs designed to help them attain these skills.

Calculators are not allowed for the ELM placement test. The questions on the ELM do not require involved computations. Rather, the placement test includes problems that emphasize quantitative reasoning and problem solving. The test content of the ELM emphasizes working with numbers and data, the connections between algebra and geometry, and problem solving. The test provides the major geometric formulae for reference because its purpose is to assess understanding of mathematical concepts and problem solving skills rather than recall of facts and equations.


The CSU Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) must be completed by all entering undergraduates, with the exception of those who present proof of one of the following:
  1. placement in the "Ready for CSU college-level mathematics courses " category on the Early Assessment Program (EAP) Mathematics taken in conjunction with the 11th grade California Standards Test in High School Mathematics or Algebra II
  2. placement in the "Ready for CSU college-level mathematics courses - Conditional" category on the Early Assessment Program (EAP) Mathematics taken in conjunction with the 11th grade California Standards Test in High School Mathematics or Algebra II PLUS successful completion of a CSU-approved math or appropriate math-related course or activity taken before you enroll at a CSU campus
  3. score 550 or above on the mathematics section of the College Board SAT Reasoning Test (previously known as SAT I: Reasoning Test)
  4. a score of 550 or above on a College Board SAT Subject Test in Mathematics (levels 1 or 2)
  5. a score of 23 or above on the ACT Mathematics Test taken October 1989 or later
  6. a score of 3 or above on the College Board Advanced Placement Mathematics examination (Calculus AB or Calculus BC)
  7. a score of 3 or above on the College Board Advanced Placement Statistics examination
  8. completion & transfer to the CSU of a college course that satisfies the requirement in Quantitative Reasoning with a grade of C or better

    NOTE: You can also take the CLEP or DSST Exams to 'test' out. Both exams are College Level for credit. See CLEP & DSST Links for details.

ELM Test Registration Information:

There is an $20 charge for the ELM, payable online through the registration with ETS https://ept-elm.ets.org/CSU/. For possible Stand-Bys the day of the test, we accept only personal checks or money-orders payable to ETS. Cash will not be accepted. No student will be admitted without proper payment and picture identification with a signature. Students may take the ELM at the most convenient CSU campus.

Use the link provided to fill out the Registration Form and submit online for the Date listed. Note that you can take the exams at any CSU campus. See EPT-ELM Bulletin for dates.

A Confirmation Email will automatically be sent to you with details. PLEASE read it carefully & bring it to the test date/session as that will be your Admissions Ticket as well for times and location information & directions to campus.

Please make sure you put the right mailing and correct email addresses as we use them to contact you. Check your SPAM folder if you do not receive a reply within the day of registration -as some email providers filter university email addresses.

If you need to change, cancel a testing date/session or request a refund, please contact ETS.org directly regarding this.

Registration will close at 12:00 midnight of the noted deadline date. Any registrations beyond the closing date/time are invalid.

*Students must have a hard-copy/printout of their Admissions Ticket. Students will not be admitted without it.

ELM Test Scores for Sonoma State:

Because the ELM is a placement test, "cut scores" determine what courses students must start out with. The cut score for the ELM is 50 on a scale that goes from a lowest possible score of 0 to a highest possible score of 80. Students will receive three scaled subscores - one for each content area (Numbers and Data, Algebra, and Geometry) - as well as a total scaled score. Mathematics class placement is based on the total scaled score. Students who have earned an ELM scale score below 50 must enroll in a remedial mathematics class during the first semester of enrollment.

SCORE: 50 or above

Ready for college-level mathematics courses.

SCORE: 38 - 48

Required to register for MATH 45 the first semester of enrollment.

SCORE: 36 or Less

You must take MATH 35 your first semester and then complete MATH 45 your second semester.

NOTE: Math courses numbered less than 100 do not count for graduation and must be completed during your 1st year of college.

What if I don't score well on the ELM?

  1. Pass a course in Intermediate Algebra or higher course offered by an accredited community college; either online and once the grade for course has been taken, submit official transcript to SSU Admissions and Records Office.
  2. Retake and pass the ELM.
  3. Take the CLEP or DSST Exams to 'test' out. Both exams are College Level for credit. See CLEP and DSST Links for details.
  4. Complete course(s) offered by the SSU: MATH 35 and/or MATH 45
    • Failure to complete any remedial Math requirement in 2 semesters will result in disenrollment from SSU.
    • Read the SSU Frequently Asked Questions about math placement and ALEKS.

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ELM Online Registration with ETS at: https://ept-elm.ets.org/CSU/.