Brennan Beck

Brennan is a fourth-year English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. When he's not on campus studying for class or tutoring in the Writing Center, he's usually working at his other job as a customer service representative for an online traffic school company. Or he might be volunteering as a children's ministry leader at his local church, Gateway Christian Church. Or he's possibly going on a run with his beautiful wife, Ashley, and amazing dog, Max. Or perhaps he's busy drawing humorous cartoons to share with friends, or maybe he's working on another chapter for his novel. Or maybe he's reading the latest George R.R. Martin book, or trying to beat his score on a video game, or catching up on Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix, or nostalgically listening to rock & roll CDs from his younger years, or.... Well, you get the point: he's a pretty busy dude. But he's never too busy to take the time to meet new people, so come on by the Writing Center and say hi! He'll be happy to meet you!