Allison Enriquez

Allie Enriquez is in her senior year at SSU as an English major with a literature concentration. She found her niche in English with Modern authors and poets and hopes to advance her knowledge in this field in a Graduate program once attaining her BA. When not reading, writing, or discussing books (all activities that if she were deprived of would lead to her quick and pathetic demise, so be kind--entertain her silly thoughts for a few minutes if you have any time to spare. You will find she is much less pesky this way), she can usually be found at a barn or trail, riding her mustang or any four-legged equine friend, drumming, aimlessly bike riding around Rohnert Park (but with the appearance of certainty and urgency!), and sometimes aimlessly playing around with an idea for a poem or two (again, with the appearance of fantastic certainty and urgency!).