Multilingual Learners (MLL) Program

Multilingual Learners (MLL) is a TRiO program designed to offer futher instructional support to eligible students. Some of the services our program offers include:

  • Reading/writing tutoring provided by our experienced and knowledgeable MLL specialists, who will help students with a range of reading/writing tasks, including:
    • Academic writing and presentations for all majors
    • Writing for professional purposes (cover letter, resume’, email)
    • Scholarship and graduate school statements of purpose
  • A writing lab that offers “same day tutoring” provided by trained tutors
  • Group tutoring with a multilingual learner focus, linked to specific classes and majors
  • Individualized math tutoring with a MLL Math Specialist in the Writing Center
  • Additional math support through the Tutorial Center
  • Other targeted workshops and classes