War & Peace Lecture Series

About the Series

The War & Peace Lecture Series is a multi-disciplinary program that has provided the campus community with cultural enrichment since 1986. An integral component of a well-rounded higher education, the series currently functions as a public lecture and upper-division course (ENGL 304). It presents civilian and military speakers who discuss current topics such as state crimes against democracy, the intelligence community and the need for transparency, peace and sustainability, the scientific underpinnings of modern warfare, and the power and promise of non-violent movements.

When: Tuesdays (Fall semester), 5-6:15p

Where: Warren Auditorium, Ives Hall 101, SSU (See Ives on SSU Map)

Host: English Professor Tim Wandling (wandling@sonoma.edu)

Cost: Free Public Lecture, $5 Parking

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Fall 2014 Schedule

Series Host: Tim Wandling
Discussion Section Leaders: Denny Bozman-Moss, John Kincheloe, Tim Wandling, Rim Zahra

Fall 2014 Schedule
Date Topic, Speakers
Aug 19 Introduction and Orientation
Series host and War and Peace faculty members Tim Wandling, Denny Bozman-Moss, John Kincheloe, and Rim Zahra
Aug 26 The Intelligence Community in a Democracy: The Tension between Open Government and Demands for 'Security'
Andy Merrifield, SSU Professor of Political Science
Sep 2 US-NATO global empire in service to the Transnational Capitalist Class and the circumstances of the Ukraine
Peter Phillips, SSU Prof of Sociology and Former National Dir of Project Censored
Sep 9 America as Global Vigilante: Foreign Policy, Public Opinion, and Hollywood Mythmaking
Marco Calavita, SSU Professor of Communications Studies. 
Sep 16 Veteran’s panel
Three speakers from different eras of conflict will join us for a panel discussion: Al Liner (Viet Nam), Terri Boyer (First Gulf War) and War and Peace alum and current SSU student Adam Brashears (Afghanistan). 
Sep 23 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Historical Context and Personal Reflections
Therese Mughannam, Chuck Sher, and Laure Reichek, Peace Activists and Bridge-Builders 
Sep 30 The Science of War (and Peace)
Lynn Cominsky, SSU Professor of Physics
Oct 7 Internet Technology: Liberating or Controlling
Farid Farahmand, SSU Prof of Engineering Science
Oct 14 Peace and Protest in the Arts
Tim Wandling, SSU professor of English.
Oct 21 The Relevance of the United Nations
Rashmi Singh, SSU Professor Emeritus in Humanities and Peace Studies. Current President of the United Nations Association of Sonoma County. 
Oct 28 Global Governance, People Power and Nonviolent Solutions
Cynthia Boaz, SSU Professor of Political Science
Nov 4 The Case for an Enforceable International Bill of Rights
Kirk Boyd, Lawyer, Legal Activist and Executive Director of the International Bill of Rights. 
Nov 11 Veterans Day (no lecture)
Nov 18 Nonviolence and the New Paradigm
Michael Nagler, U C Berkeley Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies and President of Metta Center for Non Violence. 
Nov 25 Into the Current: Burma’s Political Prisoners
Film (Jeanne Hallacy, 2012)
Dec 2 Peace through Sustainability
Jason Mark, Journalist and Organic Farmer
Dec 9 Students Open Mike