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Hi, I'm Lu from Sonoma State University. My expertise is in Transitional Programing. I have over 20 years coordinating Orientation sessions at CSU Bakersfield (2001-07) and Cal Poly, SLO (1994-98). I have also worked in Admissions as an Evaluator.

I have been the Outreach Coordinator at CSU Bakersfield (2001-07) and handle admissions for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Cal Poly, SLO (1994-98) and now at Sonoma State. I help compose the Freshman Learning EOP Academy which I have taught formally at SSU UNIV 102 and AgEd 102 at Cal Poly, SLO. I have also been a teacher that taught 8th grade U.S. History.

I'm also the Testing Coordinator for SSU administering the CLEP, DSST(Dantes) EPT-ELM, GRE, LSAT and other exams. We also proctor online courses from other campuses. I serve on several academic committees, Student Affairs, Athletic Council to name is few.

I went to Cal Poly, SLO to study Political Science. I also have 2 Masters in Counseling & Administration. I love languages, cultures & have traveled to over 18 countries on community service projects. I love to help students make the most informed decisions based on sound academic advising. I am passionate about working in Student Affairs and making a difference in student's lives.

Feel Free to request a testing proctoring appointment or come in on our 'EOP Drop-In' sessions for academic advising. I am here to help you get answers to any questions you might have. The following links are to my Vitae and academic research.

Mr. Luis B. Vega, MA
Academic Vitae/Resume
Research on Eschatology

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