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Course:Digital Signal Processing (ES 485)
Section: 002
Spring, 2013


Instructor:  Jack Ou, Ph.D.
Office Location: Salazar Hall 2010B
Email:jack.ou AT sonoma DOT edu
Class location: Salazar Hall 2009A
Office Hours: By appointment during

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the basic principles and applications of digital signal processing.  It covers the following topics: spectrum representation, sampling and aliasing, FIR filters, frequency response of FIR filters, Z transforms, IIR filters, and computation of spectrum.



(required), "Title: Signal Processing First", James H. McClellan (Author), Ronald W. Schafer (Author), Mark A. Yoder (Author), Publication Date: March 8, 2003 | ISBN-10: 0130909998 | ISBN-13: 978-0130909992 | Edition: Second Edition.

(Required), "Introduction to Signal Processing", Sophocles Orfanidis, ECE, Rutgers University.

(Required), "Laboratory Manual", Sophocles Orfanidis, ECE, Rutgers University.

Website (http://www.ece.rutgers.edu/~orfanidi/intro2sp/)


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