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Laurel McCabe, Ph.D.

Spring 2017 Courses:

Psy 466, Jungian Psychology, Mon 2-5:40 pm

Psy 270, Psychology of Self-Discovery, Tues 1-4:40 pm

Psy 470, Psychology of Film, Wed 6-9:40 pm

Psy 597, Culminating Paper Tutorial, Fri 9-11:50 am (grad)


Psychology Department

Careers in Psychology

Drop-in Office Hours Spring 2017 Mon 10 am - 12 pm, Stev 3087

What I'm Reading

John Ryan Haule, Jung in the 21st century: Vol. 1. Evolution and archetype.

Madeleine Thien, Do not say we have nothing: A novel

Patricia deYoung, Understanding and treating chronic shame: A relational / neurobiological approach

Jane Mayer, Dark money


If you'd like to meet for specific purposes other than advising, please email me and we'll set an appointment

labyrinth field trip IONS

National Survey 2005, Spiritual Life of College Students pdf Full Report pdf

National Survey 2005, Faculty and Spirituality pdf

Spirituality in Higher Education, Higher Education Research Institute UCLA