Education 417: School and Society
Mini-Research Presentation Calendar: Tuesday Morning Section




March 15 Megan Cockrum Dual Immersion


Brook Paternoster Education for children with emotional disabilities

Special Needs

Heather McGovern Special Education: US vs Europe
March 22

Bill Kingsbury Charter Schools

Charter Matthew Brown Vouchers

March 29

  Schools in poor areas
Testing Ellise August Role of school boards



April 5

Ravi Dugh Private vs public schools
Religion Kelly Duffy Impact of preschool on future education



April 12

Araceli Garcia Hernandez Schools and poverty



April 26

Lisa Kusanagi Home schooling


Taylor Boehm Alternative educational models



May 3

Charles Speir Bringing more women into math and science
Technology Tim Crumley Testing



May 10

open Zahe Agil Public vs. Private Schools
Technology Krysta Lewis Impact of education on minority students


Ryan Lung NCLB
  Erica Hosch Education and at risk youth
  Fox-jones Education of women in the US: Historical perspective
  Jessica Conrad Supporting English Language Learners
  Steven Schaerer International testing: math/science

May 17

Eveta Jackson Educational needs of children from single parent households
  Maye Dickenson Special education: Legal rights of parents
Open Sarah Greeson Montessori curriculum
  Kelly Stolte Theater arts in the classroom
  Al-lisha Farris At what age should children start school?
  Peter Anderson Art in schools


Cori Ross Multicultural education



photo credits Wernher Krutein