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Matty Mookerjee


Matty Mookerjee

Job Title: Geology Professor
Department: Geology
School/Division: School of Science and Technology


Earthquakes and Structural Geology.

Current Areas of Research and/or Community Work

Tectonics and the Kinematices of highly-strained zones:

* Quantifying the kinematic vorticity in a transpressional zone in the Eastern Sierra in an effort to understand how these deep rooted shear zones accommodate extrusion and how these mechanisms link up to the seismically active brittle crust

* Kinematic vorticity analysis coupled with a detailed pressure-temperature path study to determine the mechanism of exhumation within the North American Cordillera.

* Mechanisms and geometry of folding along the San Andreas Fault in northern California.

* Mathematically modeling crystallographic fabric development with particular attention to dynamic strain histories.

* Finite element modeling of non-planar thrust surfaces.

* Evaluating the effectiveness of Flinn's k-value and Lode's ratio using synthetic strain data.

Contact Information

Office Phone: (707) 664-2002

Additional Information

Degrees: Ph.D. Structural Geology, University of Rochester, 2005

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