Parking permits are not required on Commencement day. All lots are open and available. Only park in disabled parking spaces if you are legally able to do so with a valid placard. See campus map for locations.

Lot G is designated for Disable parking only. You must have a valid Disable placard to park in Lot G.

Guests with Disabilities or Mobility Limitations

The Assigned Seating area is for guests who have disabilities, mobility limitations and for those needing an American Sign Language interpreter. 

The Commencement area is within walking distance of parking lots and guests should bring their walkers, wheelchairs etc.  Guests needing assistance from a friend or family member can have that person sit with them.

To request an assigned seating guest pass, please fill out the form and return by April 21 XX PDF link XX.

For additional information please email: or call: (707) 664-2404. Requests should be made by April 21.  If you miss the deadline, guests should go directly to the assigned seating area upon arrival.  We will make every effort to accommodate those who have not made reservations in advance.

In order to process your guest pass request, provide the following information:

  1. Name of guest sitting in assigned seating. Indicate if the guest will have a helper sitting with them.
  2. Indicate if the guest is attending the morning or afternoon ceremony
  3. Specific needs of guest: i.e.: limited mobility requires a sign language interpreter, etc.
  4. Mailing address where pass should be mailed

You must have a valid disable placard to park in Lot G. A campus map will be included when assigned seating guest passes are mailed.  University employees will be available to transport guests with limited mobility using golf carts or their own wheelchairs from the parking Lot G to the Commencement Lawn/Assigned Seating area.