Department of Theatre Arts & Dance
2014-15 Evert B. Person Scholarships

The Department of Theatre Arts & Dance as Sonoma State offers a substantial number of scholarships to promising freshman and transfer students in the performing arts, as well as continuing SSU Theatre Arts & Dance majors. These scholarships are made possible through the Evert B. Person Endowment fund and normally range from $2000-$4000 for the academic year, and are awarded to students of Acting, Dance, Playwriting, Dramaturgy, Design / Technical Theatre and Stage Management.

Classes in acting, dance, dramaturgy, playwriting, theatre and dance history, dramatic literature, stage management and technical theatre offer individualized instruction, personal challenges, and excellent opportunities for hands-on learning.

With the support of the Person Endowment, the Theatre Arts programs are growing. Through a rigorous and individualized approach to the development of theatre artists and crafts persons, we are committed to educating the whole person through the performing arts exposure and practice.

TO APPLY, return a completed scholarship application by Friday, February 7, 2014 at 4pm.

Scholarships are granted only to those students who have been admitted to the University and are declared Theatre Arts & Dance Majors. Scholarship Applicants are urged to pay particular attention to the narrative essay.

Applications to the University are accepted beginning October 1, 2013.
Visit for details.  

On-site Auditions and Portfolio Reviews are required for all applicants.

Acting / Tech / Stage Management / Design / Theatre Studies: Saturday, March 8, 2014; 10am -1pm

Dance: 2/28, 3/3, 3/5 & 3/6

2014-2015 Dance Scholarship Audition Sign-up

Audition/ Portfolio Prep Guidelines

Actors: Auditions will consist of 2 contrasting monologues that demonstrate your range totaling no more than 3 minutes.

  • contemporary/classical monologues
  • comedic/dramatic monologues
  • monologues showing contrasting characters

Dance: Applicants will perform a 2-4 minute dance choreographed either by you or someone else. We will have a sound system available for playing CDs, or from personal MP3 platforms.

2014-2015 Dance Scholarship Audition Sign-up

Design:/ Tech/ Stage Management: Presentation of a portfolio of the applicant’s previous design, technical or stage management work is required. Areas of design are scenery, costumes, sound, lighting, and multimedia. Students may present portfolios that include one, more than one or all areas of technical theatre noted above.

Playwriting: Applicants must submit in with the application a play or plays they have written (ideally 2 different plays), each at least 10 pages long, along with any programs from any performances the plays have had.

Dramaturgy: applicants should present as many of the following as they have:
- a completed dramaturgical casebook (a notebook including research and if possible program notes) from a classroom project or production.
- A critical paper or papers (ideally 2 different papers), each at least 3 pages long, on a topic related to drama (or, if not about drama, on a subject in the humanities or social sciences) that you have written for a class.
- Program notes you have written for a show, if available.

A brief interview with faculty follows the formal audition/portfolio presentation for all applicants

The Person Scholarship opportunity is intended primarily to support promising students pursuing degrees in performance and theatre design. However, at the discretion of the Faculty, a Person Scholarship application from a gifted student in other areas of study within the theatre may be accepted. If accepted, in lieu of an audition applicants will be required to present an appropriate portfolio of scholarship, or otherwise demonstrate exceptional aptitude within the applicant’s chosen discipline, as determined by the Faculty. Normally, this type of scholarship opportunity is reserved for continuing students, and is not intended for incoming freshmen and transfer students.

The Department will acknowledge receipt of applications by phone. At that, time applicants will be given an audition time, directions to the campus and audition location.

We encourage applicants to plan a full campus visit at the time of their auditions.