Summer 2014 Student Housing

Summer Housing for 2014 will be provided in Beaujolais Village. The price per night for a single room is $22. Please read the following information carefully. If you have any further questions, you may contact us at (707) 664-2475 or dial 711 for Relay Service. We can also be reached by email at

The deadline to submit a Summer Housing License Agreement is May 2 at noon.

Summer Housing License Agreement

Getting Started

Are you eligible for Summer Housing?

Students who are enrolled in academic courses at Sonoma State University for either the Summer 2014 or Fall 2014 session are eligible for summer housing. Students that are graduating in May 2014 are not eligible. Students who are not matriculated (officially enrolled) at Sonoma State University are not eligible. Please contact us for non-student housing rates through our Seawolf Guest Suites Program.

What are the Summer Housing dates?

Summer housing runs from May 25 through August 2. Spring 2014 residents have the option of staying in their current room until their summer room is ready for occupancy. Fall 2014 residents also have the option of staying in their summer room until their fall room is ready for occupancy. Eligible summer students may sign a license agreement with any of the following arrival and corresponding departure dates:

Summer 2014 Move-in | Move-out Dates
Arrival Nights Departure
May 10th* 34 June 14th
May 10th* 41 June 21st
May 10th* 84 August 2nd
May 10th* 97 August 15th**
May 25th 20 June 14th
May 25th 27 June 21st
May 25th 69 August 2nd
May 25th 81 August 15th**
July 13th 20 August 2nd
July 13th 34 August 15th**

*: Only available to residents with Spring 2014 housing assignments.
**: Only available to residents with Fall 2014 housing assignments.

What if the set move-in and move-out dates don't work for me?

Conference and Event Services worked out the dates for the best possible schedule that is compatible with the summer school schedule. The dates are not negotiable. You may sign up for a later date and leave early, but you will not be refunded the difference of days.

What if I need to extend my Summer Housing License Agreement?

At this point we anticipate minimal lease extensions. Please contact our office as soon as you believe you may need to request an extension.

What is the deadline for canceling a Summer License Agreement?

Summer license agreements may be canceled at anytime prior to May 2, 2014 at noon. A full refund will be issued within 3 weeks of cancellation. No refunds will be issued for license agreements canceled after May 2, 2014.

How do you pay for Summer Housing?

By submitting a signed summer housing license agreement, you agree to have the total amount due posted to your student account. Charges will be posted to your account once eligibility and availability have been verified. At that time, payments may be submitted to Seawolf Services on the 1st floor of Salazar Hall.

When is your Summer Room Assignment Confirmed?

Summer Room Assignments are confirmed when the Conference Office verifies payment has been made on your Summer Housing charges. Please note, failure to pay does not release you from your agreement with the University.

Room Layout

Beaujolais Village offers 1,100 square feet apartments with four single bedrooms; each bedroom has its own bath.  The apartments are fully furnished and come equipped with Cable TV and wireless internet.  Kitchens have Corian counter tops and laminate wood flooring. The Village also has swimming pool and spa, laundry rooms, outdoor amphitheater, and community building for activities and events.

Other Questions

Can I choose my suite mates?

Room assignments are made based upon similar term dates. If you sign up for May 10th to August 15th and your requested suitemate has signed up for July 13 to August 15, you probably won't be assigned to the same suite.

What if I want to change rooms/suites?

Due to the short length of the summer and the limited number of summer residents, changes are not easily accommodated. No room or suite changes may be made without both the approval of the Conferences Office and a recommendation by the Residential Life Staff. Unauthorized changes shall result in additional charges for the room that has been moved into as well as the inability to contract with Housing to live on campus in the future.

Can I live in my Spring 2014 or Fall 2014 room during the Summer?

Summer Housing is only available in Beaujolais Village. Even if you are currently living in this village, you will have to move so that the maintenance and the cleaning crew can refurbish your suite.

How does moving from my spring room to my summer room work?

If you sign up to stay starting on May 10 you will be staying in your current room until your summer assignment is ready. We anticipate this occurring on or around 5:00 p.m. on May 19. At that point you will have approximately 48 hours to move from your current assignment to your summer assignment. This is due to the need to clean and refurbish all suites prior to occupancy.

How does moving from my summer to fall room work?

If you sign up to stay through move in you will in fact have to move at some point from your summer room to your fall room. Typically, this would occur sometime between August 7 and August 10. When your fall room becomes available, you will have 48 hours to move out of your summer room to your fall room. As such you are expected to be on campus during that time frame to facilitate this move. The potential exceptions to this would be those individuals who would be moving into rooms currently being occupied by other summer housing students, thus necessitating the cleaning of the suite prior to your moving in.

Policies and Regulations

All semester Housing Policies and Regulations are in effect for the summer. If you have not read these or need some refreshing, please do so before submitting your summer housing license agreement. In signing and submitting a Summer Housing License agreement, you agree to abide by these policies and regulations.