Patient Rights & Responsibilities

An SSU student eligible to use the Student Health Center has the right to:

  • Access to care within the published hours and service scope of the Student Health Center.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of medical and personal information including the right to request or refuse release of individual medical records & to access information in these records in accordance with SSU policy and applicable state and federal laws.
  • Be treated with respect, courtesy, and dignity.
  • Know the name, qualifications and credentials of his/her health care provider(s) and request a different provider or a second medical opinion if other qualified providers are available.
  • Receive information about his/her medical condition including diagnosis, prognosis, purpose, benefits, risks, possible side effects & treatment alternatives.
  • Participate in individual health care decisions except when medically contraindicated.
  • Make an informed decision to decline diagnostic evaluations or treatments (including Advance Directives, see and accept responsibility for the outcome of such decisions.
  • Express suggestions and/or grievances to the Health Center Director or other staff.
  • Receive timely information about Student Health Center operations including but not limited to fees, payment policies, liability coverage, after-hours options, and emergency care.
  • Use a medical, pharmacy, lab, or x-ray facility other than the SHC at his/her own expense.

A Student Health Center patient has the responsibility to:

  • Keep appointments or notify the Health Center in advance to cancel or reschedule.
  • Provide complete, accurate personal health history including past and present medical conditions; current symptoms and concerns; allergies; sensitivities; health-related behaviors; and the medications, nutritional supplements and other substances you use.
  • Communicate actively with the medical provider to better understand his/her medical condition.
  • Follow the treatment plan prescribed by his/her medical provider and seek necessary, timely medical treatment, including utilizing off-campus sources, if medical needs fall outside the scope or hours of operation of the Student Health Center.
  • Understand and accept the consequences of refusing or not complying with treatment.
  • Accept financial responsibility for any charges, promptly pay fees, and return borrowed equipment.
  • Be considerate of Health Center patients and Health Center personnel.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Inform the SHC of any living will, advance directive, medical power of attorney or other information that could influence his or her care.