SSU Darwin Hall

Maintenance Requests

If you notice any regular maintenance items on the campus that need attention, call the Seawolf Services maintenance line at (707) 664-4021 and let us know. We will notify Facilities Services to schedule repair of the problem. An example of such a request might be a burned out light, a room that is too hot or cold, a spill or mess that needs attention, any plumbing fixtures that aren't functioning correctly, a door lock that is jammed, a leaky ceiling, etc.

Work Requests

If you have a request that involves installation or creation of new property such as an office remodel, please submit that request on a completed Work Request Form (pdf) to Facilities Services. Any work that involves a charge back to your department for special services needs to be written and submitted with the account number to be charged. All safe combination changes must be submitted on a written Work Request Form (pdf) and include a completed "Safe Security Coordinator" form which can be found on the IAS webpage under Cash Operations and Security Forms.

The Work Request Form is also available from Campus Prints. Ask for Form ID "SSU12 POPO12."