Academic Disqualification

Undergraduate students are subject to disqualification when, after at least two semesters at SSU, either their SSU grade point average and/or their grade point average for all college work falls below the following grade point averages:

  • Freshmen (0-29 units completed): 1.50
  • Sophomores (30-59 units completed): 1.70
  • Juniors (60-89 units completed): 1.85
  • Seniors (90 or more units completed): 1.95

IMPORTANT NOTE: Academic Disqualification of Students not on Probation

A student not on probation may be disqualified if

  1. at the end of any term, the student has a cumulative GPA below 1.0, AND
  2. the cumulative GPA is so low that, in view of the student's overall educational record, it seems unlikely that the deficiency will be removed within a reasonable period, as determined by the registrar in consultation with the University Standard Committee. Such disqualifications may be appealed to the University Standards Committee.

Students who have been disqualified may not apply for immediate reinstatement. During the time you are away from SSU, you should (a) plan to retake any course(s) for which you received grades of C- or lower, and (b) examine the circumstances that have led to your unsatisfactory performance and make appropriate adjustments to ensure that the circumstances do not recur.

If you are an upper division student, you may not have any lower division courses you can repeat. You still need to demonstrate to the Committee that you are capable of doing 2.0 work by taking academic classes at your local community college or another 4 year institution.

As a disqualified student, you may not enroll for upcoming semester courses. If you are disqualified at the end of Spring and are already registered for a Summer Session course, you will not be dropped from that course, however, your academic standing will NOT change. You will still be disqualified from further attendance until such time that you have been away at least one regular academic semester (Fall and/or Spring) and have improved your GPA. In other words, you may not return in Fall regardless of your achievement in Summer Session. The same for Fall disqualification: Wintersession classes will not change your disqualification status.

Students who have been disqualified and who have been separated from the University for at least one semester may apply to the University Standards Committee for reinstatement. The Committee shall take into consideration qualitative and quantitative evidence of the student's ability to overcome his/her grade point deficit (SSU or cumulative); lower-division students shall be expected to complete enough transferable college-level course work elsewhere to raise their cumulative average to at least 2.0 before applying for reinstatement.

If you wish to return to SSU in the future, you will be required to submit a formal request for consideration by the University Standards Committee. If you have been away from the university for two semesters or more, you must also reapply for admission and follow all standard admissions procedures including any applicable fees. You should review the DQ checklist (see links at top of page) regarding the process of petitioning for reinstatement.

All petitions and supporting documentation must be submitted to Admissions and Records no later than October 1st for Spring reinstatements or March 1st for Fall reinstatements. All petitions will be reviewed by the University Standards Committee, and you will be notified in writing of the committee's decision.

For information on finding equivalent courses at California Community Colleges, please go to

Graduate students on academic probation (i.e. with a GPA less than 3.0) who fail to learn sufficient grade points for removal from probationary status are subject to academic disqualification.