Robert Switky

Title: Lecturer

Concentration: American government and international relations

Education: Ph.D.,  Claremont Graduate University

Office: Stevenson 3007

Phone: (707) 664-2875



Bob Switky holds a Master’s degree in International Studies and a PhD in Political Science from the Claremont Graduate University.  He has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Canada, and the US.  His teaching interests include international relations, comparative politics, American government, and political ideologies.  He is a coauthor of World Politics in the 21st Century and coeditor of The Political Consequences of Regional Trading Blocs.


  • POLS 200: American Political System
    POLS 201: Ideas and Institutions
    POLS 304: International Relations
    POLS 315: Modern Political Ideologies
    BUS 211: Business Statistics

Selected Scholarship

Current research has focused on US-British-Canadian relations at the outbreak of World War II.  Prof. Switky's book on the subject, Wealth of an Empire, is due out later this year.