Manager Absence Balance Inquiry View

Managers may view their employees leave credit balances on-line.

Manager Balance Inquiry Quick Reference Guide.pdf

  1. Please use your LDAP access to login to MySSU (CMS-PeopleSoft)
  2. Select Manager Self Service
  3. Select Time Management
  4. Select Manager Balance Inquiry
  5. Refresh your employee list if needed
  6. Enter Search Criteria
  7. Select Search
  8. To view absence detail select the icon under the column labeled Details.

Absences and accruals are updated monthly.  The leave balances used and accrued for the prior month will usually post around the 15th of the current month.  For example the leave balances used and accrued for January will be updated in PeopleSoft around February 15th.

For employees with concurrent positions, balances will be listed separately by position.  The balance available for use is the total for all positions.  All eligible employees are entitled to only one personal holiday per year, regardless of concurrent positions. 

If the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the bargaining unit in which the absence is earned or used differ from what is displayed, the provisions of the MOU shall supersede.  Questions regarding information displayed should be directed to the Payroll and Benefits Office at 664-2793.