Pre-Licensure Program

Basic Four Year Baccalaureate Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program offers the Pre-Licensure option for individuals with no previous nursing background. This is a four year program.

The first two years of the program consist of Pre-Nursing science and general education requirements. Upon completion of the Pre-Nursing curriculum, the student may apply for admission to the Nursing major.

Pre-Nursing University Entrance Requirements: High School or College introductory level Biology and Chemistry with grades of B- or higher, overall GPA of 3.5 and a minimum eligibility index score of 3800 (SAT) or 916 (ACT). A Pre-Nursing major classification at SSU provides only priority registration in prerequisite science courses. There is no guarantee of admission to the nursing major based on pre-nursing designation.

Transfer students may apply to the major only after the first two years of prerequisites and general education is completed.  SSU does not accept transfers into pre-nursing.

The Nursing curriculum provides the student with classroom and clinical instruction in basic nursing skills, medical-surgical, home health, critical care, mental health, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, community health, research, and leadership & management, culminating with a senior clinical study in an area of the student's interest. Upon completion of the program, the student is eligible to sit for the NCLEX (RN licensure exam) and will have a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree. NCLEX-RN pass rates for Sonoma State and other schools can be found online.

Entrance Requirements
(supplemental to University's entrance requirements)

Nursing: Minimum overall college GPA of 3.0, completion of all college level prerequisites (see nursing curriculum link above) with a grade of B- or better,(a maximum of one science and one non-science prerequisite may be in progress by the application due date). Completed essays (directions and questions will be provided on the application), evidence of Certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant (not due at the time of applying but will need to be done before start of the program). See breakdown below:





College Nursing Prerequisite GPA (GPA * 6.25)



Overall College GPA (GPA * 6.25)



Essay (2 page limit)



Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

TEAS Score

90.5 or above





Below 77.9



Point Assignment for score

15 points

12 points

9 points

6 points

3 points

0 points

Local Service Area: (Sonoma State University and surrounding counties)