Alumni Spotlight

Mathew Arnerich

Music Alumni, Pianist Mathew Arnerich plays his personal interpretation of Chopin's Ballade in F Minor. Matt explains; Chopin's 4th ballade is arguably his greatest piece. There are passages of great power and strength but also passages of quiet reflection and repose. I find the piece is often played too fast. I wanted my performance to call attention to those passages that are normally rushed, to allow each note to breathe and speak. I wanted a new tempo to feel like the passing of a season and moments of silence to feel as long as an age.

Composer: Frederic Chopin
Pianist: Matthew Arnerich
Audio/Video: Dave Garcia

Tyler Blanton

Music Alumni, Jazz Vibraphonist Tyler Blanton has taken New York by storm! Check out Tyler's new website for photos, music samples, and more.