Need a Metacourse? Use the Moodle Course Request Form

Moodle Course Request Form

SSU Faculty and staff may use the Moodle Course Request Form to submit a request for a metacourse, sandbox course, or miscellaneous course.

Moodle courses are created automatically for all courses listed on the SSU schedule of classes. However, SSU employees may request an additional type of Moodle course. Review the Moodle course request options below and use this form to submit a request for a course type that best fits your needs. If your request is approved, the course is created within two (2) business days. Feel free to contact the Faculty Center (707) 664-2659, if you need assistance selecting a Moodle course type.

Moodle Course Request Options

This is the best option for lecture courses where students from multiple lab sections need to access the same lecture materials, assignments and quizzes.

Request a Metacourse to:

  • combine student enrollments from several Moodle courses into one metacourse.

  • work efficiently and post course materials and assignments in the metacourse, where students from all the linked courses (child courses) can access them.

Miscellaneous Course
Choose this option to create a central place to manage academic-related programs such as fieldwork experience programs or department committee work.

Sandbox Course
Request a Sandbox course to:

  • get a head start on preparing a course for a future semester/year

  • explore Moodle without affecting your active Moodle course/s (with students)

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