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NEW Fall 2015! French Language Certificate for Wine Business Students interested in pursuing studies in Wine Business might also consider pursuing the French Language Certificate for Wine Business. Contact Prof. Suzanne Toczyski, suzanne.toczyski@sonoma.edu for details.

SYRCE MLL 273 for Sophomores Our department is part of the Second Year Research and Creative Experience (SYRCE) offered through the School of Arts and Humanities. The department offers MLL 273 (World Literatures: Critical and Creative Readings) which explores world literature and its relationship to the history, culture, and society from which it originates.

Global Learning Experience for Freshmen Our department offers a Freshman Learning Community in Humanities that focuses on International Education. The Global Learning Experience (MLL 161A/B) provides important GE units toward graduation, the ability to learn another language and, if desired, preparation for Study Abroad.

NEW ITDS Special Major: "German Cultural Studies"The German Program is now offering a Special Major through ITDS in German Cultural Studies. Click here for more information.

The programs and courses of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures make accessible to students the languages, literatures, and cultures of France and the Francophone world, Germany and other German-speaking countries, and Spain and Latin America.

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On behalf of the faculty of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, I would like to welcome our new and returning students for the fall 2015 semester. We are looking forward to working with you all over the next academic year.
- Christine Renaudin, Chair, Modern Languages & Literatures