Current McNair Scholars

Seiri Aragon-Garcia

Major: Spanish

Planned Graduate Major: Spanish or Student Affairs

Mentor: Patricia Kim-Rajal, Ph.D.

Research project title: “A Waste of Time”: Attitudes Toward Foreign Language Education.

Victor Alfaro Sosa

Major: Chemistry

Planned Graduate Major: Chemistry

Mentor: Jon Fukuto, Ph.D.

Research project title: The Effects of Nitroxyl (HNO) on the Selenoprotein Thioredoxin Reductase.

John Michael Vincent Coralde

Major: Kinesiology

Planned Graduate Major: Doctor of Osteopathy

Mentor: Lauren Morimoto, Ph.D.

Research project title: Mighty Morphin Backwards Walking: The Momentous Effects of Backwards Walking to an Individual's Hamstring Flexibility.

Katie Gordon

Major: Sociology

Planned Graduate Major: Sociology

Mentor: Cindy Stearns, Ph.D.

Research project title: Student Veterans: A Comparative Analysis of Reintegration Experiences.

Josh Gutierrez

Major: BioChem

Planned Graduate Major: Biochemistry or Microbiology

Mentor: Jennifer Lillig, Ph.D.

Research project title: Carnobacteriocin BII Bactericidial Assay.

Stephanie Henriquez

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Planned Graduate Major: Biochemistry

Mentor: Joseph Lin, Ph.D.

Research project title: A Comparison of the Redox Regulation of the Enzymes CD45 and CD148.

Shoua Lor

Major: Biology

Planned Graduate Major: Physician Assistant Studies of Public Health

Mentor: Nick Geist, Ph.D.

Research project title: Righting Time Performance: Assessing Phenotype in Captive Raised Western Pond Turtles.

Yadira Molina

Major: Political Science

Planned Graduate Major: International Relations

Mentor: Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.

Research project title:The Latino Vote in 2008.

Samantha Montellanos

Major: History

Planned Graduate Major: History

Mentor: Mary Halavais, Ph.D.

Research project title: The Moche: A Process of Sacrifice, Burial and the Afterlife.

Kim Nguyen

Major: Human Development

Planned Graduate Major: Counseling

Mentor: Charlene Tung, Ph.D.

Research project title: Mentoring Relationships: The Perspectives of Former Foster Youth.

Krystal Raheem

Major: Sociology

Planned Graduate Major: Social Work

Mentor: Sheila Katz, Ph.D.

Research project title: The Experience: An Analysis on the Retention and Graduation Rate of Black Students at Sonoma State University.

Diku Sherpa

Major: Environmental Studies

Planned Graduate Major: Hydrology

Mentor: Hall Cushman, Ph.D.

Research project title: Change in the Stream Condition After Removing Livestock.

Kimberly Trevino

Major: Chemistry

Planned Graduate Major: Chemistry or Pharmacology

Mentor: Carmen Works, Ph.D.

Research project title: Isolation of a Chromium(III) Binding Protein After Exposure to Chromium(VI).