Sonoma Executive MBA 

A leadership-focused program to help realize your aspirations.

Now more than ever the world needs leaders. Leaders to show enterprises and our economy the way forward. It takes solid knowledge of business plans, sustainable operations, brand marketing, and the savvy to chart and execute a viable strategy in an increasingly complex global environment.

Sonoma State University offers an internationally-accredited Executive MBA program delivered with a schedule, relevance and leadership focus that accomplished working professionals demand.

You will develop your strategic decision making capacity and leadership communication skills to converse on an executive level with all functional areas of a business.

Strategic decision making skills are developed through consulting projects, including case study analysis, simulations, integrative strategy courses, and a capstone project, with domestic and international companies. Advanced leadership communication skills are developed through a leadership awareness and teamwork intensive weekend sailing trip in San Diego, effective self-assessment tools to build self-reflection, and an international experience including team projects and in-country consulting.

You will study with a tight group of like-minded professionals who bring similar experience levels and perspectives on the challenges faced by leaders.

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Applications accepted through September.

For questions, reach out to Christine Pinella: 707-664-3501 or

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