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The application process for campus housing is simple. Once you are admitted to the University, Housing Services will send information to you regarding the process. The campus housing application starts with the student being admitted to the University and making a down payment. There is no form to send in since most of the process is completed online.
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STEP 1 - Accept Admissions and Make Deposits
Once you have been admitted, follow the Stay on Track timeline. You will be eligible to make your Enrollment Reservation Deposit (secures your space for classes $200), mandatory Orientation ($255), and Housing Down Payment ($400). You will need to log on to your MySSU account to pay your deposits and down payment and accept your admissions. We recommend purchasing Preferred Package 1 which includes all three items. If you want to purchase Housing at a later date, then you will purchase package #3 when you are ready.


By making the $400 Housing Down Payment, you are making yourself eligible for a housing offer. Housing is not guaranteed and so we recommend making these payments as soon as possible. The down payment is $400 and half is refundable if the student cancels by May 1. All students will pay the $400 regardless of financial aid situation.

STEP 2 - Review Housing Options, and Receive Campus Housing Offer

After you make the deposits, please explore our website to review housing options. Some of our living areas are linked to academic Freshman Learning Communities so you will want to read about the FLCs as well. Campus housing offers are emailed starting late February for the Fall term and early November for the Spring semester. Weekly mailings are done thereafter as long as space is available.

STEP 3 - Selecting Living Communities
Your offer will provide instructions on how to select your living communities and room type preferences. Prior to receiving this offer you can learn about our accommodations by reviewing the choices online. For information about the meal plan, you can visit our Meal Plan webpage. All first year college students are required to participate in the Unlimited Meal Plan.

STEP 4 - Receive Room Assignment Information
Room assignments are made and emailed to students around mid-July.


Assignment Requests Are Not Guaranteed
Every effort will be made to honor the preference requests you indicate online, but these requests are not guaranteed. Your actual assignment depends on your Housing priority date and the number of students with earlier priority dates who have requested the same accommodations.

RATES - Academic Year 2014-2015

This covers the Fall and Spring semesters. These rates do not include the break period between the Fall and Spring semsters. All first year college students are required to participate in a meal plan which is included in the contract rate. Non-first year college students can purchase a meal plan separately through Seawolf Service Center.

Accommodation Rates with Meal Plan (First Year College Students)

  • Residential Suite - Double Occupancy: $10,744.00
  • Residential Suite - Single Occupancy: $12,634.00
  • Cabernet Apartment - Double Occupancy: $11,518.00
  • Sauvignon Apartment - Double Occupancy: $12,170.00
  • Sauvignon Apartment - Single Occupancy: $14,060.00

Accommodation Rates without Meal Plan (Transfers and Current SSU Students)
  • Sauvignon Apartment - Double Occupancy: $7,440.00
  • Sauvignon Apartment - Single Occupancy: $9,330.00
  • Beaujoalis Apartment - Single Occupancy: $9,330.00
  • Tuscany Apartment - Double Occupancy: $7,440.00
  • Tuscany Apartment - Single Occupancy: $9,330.00