Minor in Jewish Studies

Sonoma State University students are required to take 120 units of coursework in order to graduate. 50 units are taken to fulfill a student’s general education requirements. 40 units are taken to fulfill a student’s major requirements. This leaves a student with 30 spare units to pursue elective courses or a minor degree. The Jewish Studies minor degree can be achieved through 20 units of coursework consisting of two core classes and three elective classes.

Minor Core Requirements
Courses Units
JWST 200: Introduction to Jewish Studies (C2) 4
JWST 255: History of Anti-Semitism (C3) 4
NOTE: students must take both courses JWST 200 and JWST 255


Minor Electives

In addition to the core, choose 12 units of elective courses.


Minor Elective Options - Choose Any 12 Units
Courses Units
SOCI 305: Perspectives on the Holocaust and Genocide (D5) 4
SOCI 431: Sociology of Religion (C2) 4
HIST 303: The Ancient Near Eastern Texts 4
HIST 304: History of the Arabs to 1453 4
HIST 371: Tolerance and Intolerance in Europe 4
HIST 406: The Crusades 4
HIST 469: Religion in America 4
HIST 482: Judaism and Christianity in the Formative Period 4
AMCS 481: Religion and Spirituality 4
ARTH 474: Islamic Art 4
POLS 446: International Relations of the Middle East 4
ENGL 482: Jewish Literature 4
MUS 370: Music and Dance in the World’s Religions 3


Core, Elective and Total Units
Courses Units

Total Units in the Minor Core


Elective Units in the Minor


TOTAL Units for the Minor