Self-Service Test Scanning

For your convienience and quick turnaround, a self-service scanner is located in the Faculty Center, Library Schulz 1112.

The self-service scanner scans both the 100 answer half-sheet (Form 882-E) and the 100 answer full-sheet (Form SC982-E) which can be purchased at the Bookstore.

Form 882-E Highlights

This is a half-sheet Scantron form. It is a great way to score tests if you're only interested in the number of questions a student got correct. No reports are generated with this Scantron form. A quick and easy way to get your tests scored.

  • 100 Answers - 50 on the front and 50 on the back
  • No Version Required
  • Quick and easy processing of class tests
  • Instant Results!

Form SC982-E Highlights

  • 100 Answers on the front
  • Optional mini blue book on the back
  • Version required ONLY if test has multiple keys
  • Student ID numbers not required, but recommended
  • Instant results! No more waiting.
  • Reports in Excel format.

Report Options - Form SC982-E only

The Class Results Report is a student by line-item report that shows each students response and whether they answered each question:

  • Correctly
  • Incorrectly (and what A,B,C,D,E position they bubbled)
  • Multi-marked items
  • Omitted items
  • Grade
  • Objective Score
  • Raw Score
  • Total % Score
  • Incorrect Score

Sample Class Results Report (PDF)

This report is included with all test scanning, and provides:

  • Basic information about the overall scores,
  • Percent of students who answered a particular question correct
  • Number of student responses in each answer position (a,b,c,d,e),

This report includes a statisitical summary:

  • Total possible points
  • Mean score
  • Median score
  • Standard deviation
  • Number of student tests scanned
  • Highest score achieved
  • Lowest score achieved

Sample Item Analysis Report (PDF)

This report shows grade and score distribution data. The report includes a graph of the percent score versus the frequency.

The graph can be printed along with the report on an 8 ½ x 14 (legal sheet), selected as an individual graph and printed on regular paper, or deleted.

Sample Score Distribution Report (PDF)

Sample Score Distribution Graph (PDF)

This 1-page per student report includes:


To print each student result report; click on drop down box located in cell to left of arrow (see example)

  • statistical summary for the student
    • possible points
    • raw score
    • objective score
    • percent score
    • letter score
  • the student's specific test response statistics:
    • questions answered correctly
    • questions answered incorrectly
    • multi-marked questions
    • omitted questions

Note: To print each student result report; click on drop down box located in cell to left of arrow (see example)

Sample Student Results Report (PDF)