Security and Access Requests

IT Administrative Applications Access Request Form Please fill out and submit this form if you are requesting access in MySSU/PeopleSoft (HR/SA), CFS (Finance/ProCard), CASHNet, BASIS and/or OnBase access requests.

PeopleSoft Role Modification Request Form This form is to be completed by Functional Leads only.

PeopleSoft Query Modification Request Form This form is to be completed by Functional Leads only.

Project Management

CMS Work Request Form Please email to request a copy of the CMS Project Request Form. The purpose of this form is to request significat work be undertaken by the CMS team. It gathers high level information and allow the CMS Campus Director and project teams to plan timelines, prioritize, and assign resources to the project.

Project Management - CMS Staff

CMS Project Data Form Template  Used to record detail about the project scope, participation and solution options.

CMS Project Schedule Template Used to plan and track your project timelines, responsibilities and progress.

CMS Development Request Template This template is to be used whenever changes have to be made by Information Technology to a system; most commonly PeopleSoft.

CMS Business Process/Checklist for New Projects  This is to be used by all CMS staff as a project management guide when embarking on new projects CMS.

CMS Project Evaluation Form  Used to evaluate your project and gather feedback from your customers once the project is completed.

Additional Information

Business Process - Security Requests

Confidentiality Training Handbook

Confidentiality Training - Basic Information

Access and Compliance Form

Native PeopleSoft Password Standards

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