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Certified Browsers for MySSU (PeopleSoft)

Common Changes (Overview of changes and new features) 

Deleting Browser History (Cache)

Printing Help for Common Internet Browsers  

Time Consuming Processes in MySSU (PeopleSoft)  

Student Tips

Faculty & Advisor Tips

Faculty Self-Service - Entering Final Grades and Accessing Class Rosters 

Address and Phone Lookup 

Advisor Notes Quick Tips 

Faculty Class Search  

Evaluation of Transfer Credit  

Overview of Advisor Center (PDF)

Overview of Advisor Center (PowerPoint)

Reference Guide for Deans, Chairs and Directors  

Reference Guide (Quick Steps) for Faculty  

Reference Guide (Detailed) for Faculty 

Staff Tips

Accessing the Academic Requirements Report (ARR)
Previously called the Degree Progress Report(DPR) 

Accessing the ARR for multiple careers 

Add or Change a Plan or Sub-Plan 

Assigning An Advisor

Assigning or Deleting Advisors using a File or Query

Batch Updating of Student Sub-Plans

Checklists (Mass Assign) 

Checklists (Mass Delete)

Department/Major Address List

Evaluation of Transfer Credit Reports in Batch

Evaluation of Transfer Credit for one student

Evaluation of Transfer Credit for the Orientation Office

Individual Study Lists

Keyboard Shortcuts 

Permission Numbers 

Person Profile

Producing Batch Transcripts for Student Groups

Service Indicators (How to use) 

Service Indicators (Mass assign) 

Student Groups (How to use) 

Student Groups (Mass assign) 

Student Services Center

Unofficial Transcripts 
(Administrative access only)

Withdrawal/Repeat Balance View 


Running a Query - At a Glance

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Finance Business Process Guides

Admissions & Records

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How to Add an Address Type 

How to Change an Address 

How to Effective Date Change Graduate Status