Admissions Guidebook Spring 2014

Step 1: Your Decision

jessica from hong kongWe would like to hear from you whether or not you decide to accept the Sonoma State University offer of admission. As soon as you are certain, please fax (or mail) the International Student Offer of Admission Reply form to:

Sonoma State University
International Admissions
1801 East Cotati Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928 USA
1-707-664-4410 (fax)

A copy of this form was enclosed with your letter of admission or may be downloaded by clicking on the pdf. link above We will also accept an email response sent to . Please either attach a copy of the form or include all of the requested information in your email reply.

Your response will help us to plan for your arrival at Orientation and to pre-enroll you in the appropriate classes. Please note the later we register you for classes the more difficult it is to enroll you in the classes you choose or are required to take. Information about housing is covered in Action Step 3.

IMPORTANT: As an international student, it is NOT necessary to send an Enrollment Reservation Deposit (about which you may receive information) in order to reserve your space or request a housing contract.