Admissions Guidebook Spring 2014


Congratulations! We are very pleased that you have been accepted to Sonoma State for the Spring semester. We hope this letter finds you well and excited about coming to study here. In this web-based Admissions Guidebook you'll find web pages designed to assist you as you make plans to attend Sonoma State.

Please read through every page of the Admissions Guidebook thoroughly. Each page addresses important questions and answers regarding:

  • enrollment, housing plans, and deadlines
  • applying for a visa
  • your housing license Agreement
  • registering
  • securing travel arrangements
  • health insurance & immunization
  • orientation
  • fees

Included in the Guidebook is an 8 step action checklist. Please refer to it throughout the following weeks to keep on track!

It is very important for us to know if you are planning to attend Sonoma State this Spring. As soon as you are certain, please print out, then fax (or mail) the International Student Offer of Admissions Reply form (Action Step 1) This will help us to plan for your arrival at Orientation and to pre-enroll you in the appropriate classes. Please note the later we register you for classes the more difficult it is to enroll you in the classes you choose or are required to take.

If you are interested in living on-campus, you should return the Housing Request Form (Action Step 3) as soon as possible because the faxed or received date will be used to establish your priority on the list for housing. In the past, the demand for campus housing has sometimes exceeded the supply so it is important to reserve a place as soon as you can.

We certainly are hoping that you will choose to attend Sonoma State University. Even if you choose to go elsewhere we would appreciate your returning the Enrollment & Housing Plans so that we know your plans. In the meantime We wish you well and look forward to meeting you at Orientation on Wednesday through Friday, January 8th-10th, 2014. If you have further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call, fax or email us at any of the numbers listed at the bottom of this letter.

Sincerely yours,
Marisa Thigpen
International Student Advisor
Coordinator for International Services

Marisa Thigpen, International Student Advisor

Xia "Billy" Lo, International & Special Sessions Admissions Specialist