Admissions Guidebook Fall 2014


mariya from bulgeria

We will register you in at least nine units before you arrive on campus. Please let us know if there are any specific classes in which you would like to enroll. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to get those classes for you, but we will try. You will be able to change your class schedule yourself when you arrive on campus and understand how the American university system works.

If your letter of admission indicates you must take either the ELM or EPT placement test you should register to take them on (TBA) 2014. We will be unable to register you in an English or mathematics class until we receive these test results.

If you are required to take one or both of these tests, you will find information about each test as well as the directions to register at our Testing site. Please read this information and register from home so that we know the number of students to expect.

You can review University Catalog "programs" to see which classes are required for your major, then you can read the description of the courses at the University Catalog "courses". You can also view a pdf of the Current Schedule of Classes

When you do find classes you wish or need to take, please note the four digit "class number" which identifies exactly the class section in which you would like to enroll. Since this pdf is not updated, you should definitely select more than one section that would work for you.

You may write, email or fax your requests to International Admissions (see below) and we will register you in as many of your requested classes as we can up to between 9-12 units. Please provide alternate classes and sections, keeping in mind, as we mentioned above, the schedule you will be using is not updated and you will be able to change classes yourself during the first two weeks of school.

For registration assistance please contact:

Xia "Billy" Lo
Sonoma State University
International & Special Sessions Admissions Specialist
1801 East Cotati Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928 USA
1-707-664-3030 (Phone)
1-707-664-4410 (Fax)

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