Admissions Guidebook Fall 2014

Step 4: Travel Arrangements

Because it is mandatory that you attend the three-day New International Student Orientation, Wednesday, August 13 through Friday, August 15, 2014, it is advisable that you secure your travel arrangements with that in mind and as soon as you know you have been awarded a student visa.

Below you will find links to directions, maps, suggested accommodations and local weather conditions to help you when you first arrive in the area.

Directions to Sonoma State University from the San Francisco Airport

jimena from mexicoYou should reserve a flight into the San Francisco International Airport:

Direct bus service is available from San Francisco Airport to Rohnert Park. It is called the Airport Express and for more information, please visit the website:

After you have cleared US Customs at the airport, you should go downstairs and outside. Walk to the center "island" in the street and stand near one of the large BLUE columns. Many busses stop at these columns. The bus you want to take is called Airport Express. It is a white bus with blue and red letters. The trip to Rohnert Park takes about 2 hours. A ticket to Rohnert Park costs $34.00. This should be paid to the driver in cash. You should leave the bus at the Doubletree Hotel.

The Doubletree is a luxurious hotel while the Motel 6 and the Good Nite Inn are the least expensive. The driver of the bus can easily arrange for a taxi to meet you upon arrival and take you to any of the hotels or motels in the area. The hotels and motels in Rohnert Park are fairly close to each other so this taxi ride will be relatively inexpensive. Motel 6 is slightly closer to the Sonoma State University campus and is very near the bus stops.

The residential community does not open until 10:00am (TBA), 2014. Therefore you will need to make reservations at a local hotel in order to attend the first day of orientation, unless you have friends or relatives in the area.

Local accommodations for SSU Visitors

The following is a list of nearby motels/hotels. It is not a complete listing of area motels/hotels nor is it intended to imply any endorsement or guarantee. Please note when researching rates, there may be a 10% tax added.

Best Western Inn

(707) 584-7435
6500 Redwood Drive
Rohnert Park, CA 94928 USA

The Doubletree Inn

1 Doubletree Drive
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Good Nite Inn

5040 Redwood Drive
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Hampton Inn & Suites

6248 Redwood Drive
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Motel 6

6145 Commerce Blvd.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Note: When calling from outside the US, you will need to first dial "01" which is the country code.

Rohnert Park / Sonoma County WEATHER

Located in Sonoma County's southern central plain with 40,971 residents, Rohnert Park is the county's third largest city. Bikeways and walkways connect tree-lined boulevards and attractive neighborhoods. The city itself is surrounded by farms and grazing land where nationally sought after organic and boutique vegetables, fruits and cheeses are produced.

Warm days and cool nights characterize Sonoma County's climate, but each city seems to have its own micro-climate with small variations in temperatures. Cool, most marine air from the ocean moderates temperatures, while the low range of western coastal hills provides protection from the effects of Pacific storms. The coastal range to the east acts as a barrier to the heat in the Central Valley.

Rainfall is concentrated in a six-month period from late October through April. Average total rainfall per year is 27.67 inches (70.28 cm). Fall weather is usually warm during the day, but sudden 20 degree (6.6 Celsius) drops often occur at nightfall. Winter ranges from dry, sunny or overcast days and 30 degree (-1.1 Celsius) nights to rainy and mild. Brisk springs with average temperatures of 62 degrees (16.6 Celsius) in February gradually give way to sunny, warm weather in July through September with highs reaching often into the 90s (32.2 Celsius). Cooling evening fog from the ocean moderates summer weather. Winds on the coast become blustery in spring, but the buffer of coastal hills keep wind speeds down.

Current weather report in Rohnert Park.