Admission to the Human Development Program

Students trying to declare Human Development are strongly encouraged to join the SSU-Pre-Majors Listserv. This is the only way for students interested in the Human Development major to get information about the major and the admissions process.

Declaring During Spring 2015

Students who meet the prerequisites and want to declare during the Spring 2015 semester must do so by Friday, May 8, 2015.


In order to declare during Spring 2015, students must meet the following prerequisites

  • Sophmore standing
  • Overall GPA of 2.5
  • Completion of GE area A2 with a grade of C
  • Completion of GE area A3 with a grade of C
  • Completion of OR enrollment in the following GE courses:
    • Biological Foundations Course (Any GE area B2 (Biological Sciences) course)
    • Elementary Statistics (MATH 165; in GE area B4)
    • Social Science Foundation Course (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 203), Introduction to Psychology (PSYCH 250) OR Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 201))
    • Linguistic Foundation Course (Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (ANTH 200) OR Introduction to Linguistics (ENGL 203))

Before meeting with the Human Development Coordinator to declare Human Development, students must follow these guidelines:

1. Run a 'What-If Report' to see if you have met the prerequisites

    Don't know how to run a What-If Report or how to read it?

    Please watch the instructional video: Using the What-If Report to Check Your Eligibity for Declaring HD in Spring 2015, which will walk you through the steps necessary to run and read a What-If Report.:

    2. If you MEET the Prerequisites for Admission

    Print off a color copy of your complete 'What-If Report' showing all of the prerequisites (including overall GPA) and meet with Dr. Jaffe during her office hours by no later than May 8, 2015. Applications must be made in person. Emailed or faxed What-If Reports will not be accepted. Students who try to declare without bringing a color copy of their What-If Report will not be allowed to declare.

    Remember: If you have completed a prerequisite course somewhere other than SSU, also print off and bring a copy of your Transfer Credit: Report to your meeting with the Coordinator, and make sure you highlight the courses you believe meet the prerequisites.

    Remember: If you are currently enrolled in a prerequisite course at another institution, you must bring evidence of enrollment to your meeting with the Coordinator.

    Students who do not bring paper copies of these documents to their meeting with the HD Coordinator will be asked to print off these documents and arrange a later meeting with the Coordinator.

    NOTE: Students able to declare in Spring 2015 will be admitted to the major for Fall 2015 and be issued a permission number to add HD 391 (Junior Seminar) to their schedule during registration.

    3. If you DO NOT Meet the Course Prerequisites for Admission by May 8, 2015

    If your What-If Report shows that you do not meet the course prerequisites, you need to wait to declare Human Development until you do. Please view the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 prerequisite and admissions information, which will be available on the HD website before the end of Spring 2015. NOTE: Prerequisite completion requirements and admissions requirements change effective May 9, 2015.

    4. If you DO NOT Meet the GPA Prerequisite


    If you don't meet the GPA requirement to declare Human Development, watch the instructional video: Estimating your Overall GPA, which will provide you with an on-line resource for estimating when you will acheive at 2.5.