Office Hours

Drop-In Office Hours are available during the regular semester (excluding finals week) and are listed below.  If you are unable to attend office hours, please call or e-mail the professor and make an appointment.

Professors are generally unavailable during summer and winter breaks.

Major/Minor Advisor*

Faculty Office Hours
Instructor Office Phone Fall Office Hours
Abbott, Judith * Stevenson 2070K (707) 664-2415 Mon 12-12:50pm
Wed 1-1:50pm
Bittner, Stephen V.* Stevenson 2070G (707) 664-2447 Mon/Wed 10-11:30am
Chase, Robert Stevenson 2070A (707) 664-2278 Tues/Thurs 10:30am-12pm
Dodgen, Randall* Stevenson 2070M (707) 664-2462 Tues/Thurs 9-9:50am
Estes, Steve* Stevenson 2070D (707) 664-2424 Mon/Wed 1-2pm
Tues 11am-12pm
Halavais, Mary* Stevenson 2062 (707) 664-2489 Thurs 2-5pm
Hogue, Susan Stevenson 2070A (707) 664-2278 Tues 9:30-10:50am
Thurs 7-7:50am; 9:30-10:50am
Jolly, Michelle* Stevenson 2070E (707) 664-2461 Thurs 9:45-11:45am
Fri 12-12:45pm
Kittelstrom, Amy* Stevenson 2066 (707) 664-2327 Mon 10am-12pm
Thurs 11am-12pm
Markay, Jesse Stevenson 3009B (707) 664-3279 Tues/Thurs 10:45am-12:45pm
Fri 8-9am
Miller, Margaret Stevenson 3007 (707) 664-2875 Mon/Wed 2:30-3:30pm
Noonan, Kathleen* Stevenson 2070C (707) 664-2959
Prefers email
Tues/Thurs 9-9:50am
Spanier, Ethan Stevenson 2070A (707) 664-2278 Mon/Wed 3-5pm
Stevens, Michael Charlie Brown's Prefers email Mon/Wed 10:45-11:30am