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The Sonoma State Quaternary Laboratory (SQUAL) research utilizes biological, geochemical and sedimentary signatures preserved in lake and wetland settings to examine environmental change. SQUAL research currently focusses on reconstructing prehistoric human landuse in the Lower Río Verde Valley of Oaxaca and the Sea-Level and Freshwater discharge history in the San Francisco Bay region.


Gracie, Michelle, and Carissa after a fun morning at EYH

Dr Goman and SQUAL lab members (Carissa Green and Gracie Lock) volunteered at the Expanding Your Horizons workshop on April 13th. The workshop entitled “Got Mud?” introduced the participants to the scientific treasures hidden within mud!

Dr Goman and Nick Darst presented their research at the SSU Faculty Research Expo in March. The poster examined flood deposits at Petaluma Marsh.